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Our Minister

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Rev. Dr. Ellen Redcliffe
Minister of Word and Sacrament



Ellen Redcliffe believes that God calls all people to live in community with one another. As Christians, we respond by trying to follow faithfully in the life of Jesus in our troubled and changing world. The Holy Spirit is our guide and strength as we work together as a community of faith in God’s world. And as such, Ellen feels that Worship should be enjoyable as well as challenging, renewing as well as instructive, poetic as well as informative involving good preaching, good music and the involvement of lay people in worship that is energetically spiritual.  Every congregation should be a place where all people are loved and cared for.


From the age of 15 years, Rev. Ellen has been involved as an active and committed lay person in several congregations, Presbyteries, Regions and Conferences of The United Church of Canada in Montreal, Saskatoon, and Toronto. She became a candidate for ordination in 1987. She has a vast experience in the church from Emergency Chaplaincy, a deep background in Pastoral Care in the community, Superintendent of Sunday Schools, and was in team ministry for 15 years at Eastminster United. She went on to serve at Newtonbrook UC, Parkwoods UC, Glen Ayr UC and Victoria Park UC among others. Additionally, Rev. Ellen served at the Presbytery level on several committees including Crisis Response, Discernment, Pastoral Relations and the Conference Interview Board to name a few.


All of this during and after raising a family of four and supporting her husband in his ministry for many years.

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