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Our Ministers

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Rev. Gregory Daly

Minister of Word and Sacrament

Greg Daly brings his passion for justice to his call at Birchcliff Bluffs United Church.  He is a graduate of Emmanuel College and was ordained by the United Church of Canada in 2018.  As a life-long learner, Greg is currently enrolled in the Master of Pastoral Studies programme at Emmanuel College with a primary focus on pastoral counselling in health care settings.  In support of that work, Greg has undertaken placements at Dorothy Ley Hospice in Etobicoke and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.  Greg has previously served as the lead minister at Palgrave United Church in Caledon and takes an active role in broader United Church structures.


Prior to entering ministry, Greg pursued a 20-year career in Urban and Regional Planning focusing on mediation, public policy in land use, and strategic planning, working for local, regional, and provincial governments and agencies in Ontario.  Throughout this time, Greg’s understanding of living out a commitment to link faith with professional work through justice initiatives guided his approach to community engagement.  Focused particularly on the provision of affordable housing, as well as advocacy on issues of access and affordability, Greg has engaged in social justice initiatives both within church structures and in the community.  Greg finds the scriptural grounding for this stance in the language of Micah 6:8.


Greg and his partner Joseph live in a housing cooperative in St. Lawrence neighbourhood in downtown Toronto where they enjoy working together as part of the committee for the cooperative garden and spend significant time walking the City, exploring the vibrancy of Toronto in all its diversity.

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Rev. Carmen Llanos

Minister of Community Development

Born in Madrid, Spain, Rev. Carmen Llanos moved to Canada with her partner Raquel in the year 2000.  As part of her faith journey, she was installed and served as a Deacon at Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) Toronto in 2011 and subsequently ordained as clergy in that denomination.  Applying her creativity and commitment to faith and justice, Carmen is also the founder of ICM España (MCC Spain) and has many years of experience working with LGBTQ2S+ community organizations.


Carmen is a gifted speaker and community builder having been invited to share her expertise and insight in conferences and panels on LGBTQ+ spirituality around the world.  She is a recipient of the MCC Toronto Vision Alive Award and the Homoprotestante Award for her work in social justice with ICM España.  To all of this work Carmen brings a deep understanding of multiculturalism lived out in community and grounded in justice.


Carmen is a Creating a Life that Matters (CLM) Certified Trainer and a graduate from the Darlene Garner Instituto de Formación del Liderazgo.  She obtained her Master of Divinity from Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto where she is now currently studying her Master in Pastoral Studies.

Carmen is a chaplain at Rainbow Faith & Freedom, an organization founded by Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, and at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto.  As a Minister in the United Church of Canada, Carmen offers community development ministry at Birchcliff Bluffs United Church through programming leadership and pastoral care supports.  Welcome Carmen.