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Youth & Children

Children are an integral part of worship at BBUC.  As well as being welcome to participate in regular Sunday services, classes are available for children ages 3 years through teens.  Nursery care is provided for infants and children up to 3 years of age.

Because inclusion of children is important at BBUC, they are invited to share in communion, intergenerational services, and have front-row seats for baptisms.  Following the overwhelmingly positive response to a service led by our youth, they have been asked to continue their leadership in twice-yearly youth services.

We have an exciting Confirmation program with rolling enrollment.  All youth over 12 are invited to participate and we work around hockey games, custody schedules, and family holidays.  See below for more information!

Each Sunday, following a children’s time and “music to move us” sing-along, youngsters are invited to attend classes.  For parents’ convenience all classrooms are off the Sanctuary.

Using the “Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum, the children and youth follow the scripture used in the church service.  Stories, discussions, and crafts illustrate the lessons.

Our youth are also ambassadors for our church’s foster child from Colombia, who is sponsored through World Vision.  On their own initiative they have raised money for her at our annual Spring Fest and Fall Fest events.

Christmas and Easter dramas for all ages, complete with music, costumes, and dialogue have become regular features of our Sunday School program.   As well as learning about the stories which make up our Christian history, children learn new skills and know they are appreciated as members of their church family.

In all our productions and classes we strive to adapt material so it is meaningful for the children, inclusive in language, and provides an expansive understanding of how God works in the world and our lives.



We at Birchcliff Bluffs have always loved and supported our children and youth – and we are so blessed to have such great youth among us.   In 2018 we started a new Confirmation program - which youth can join at any time in the year and can complete despite busy schedules.

Each confirmand will work with the Minister, or another member of the church, to complete their own assignments.  Confirmands are also encouraged to work together and to collaborate on all work as appropriate.  Once the covenant is fulfilled, the confirmand will be eligible to be confirmed at the next confirmation service date.  These will take place in June and November, depending on when each youth completes the program.

Once all the members are confirmed, a confirmation trip will take place.  The confirmation trip will be planned, funded, and managed by the Confirmands themselves who are open to suggestions.

You may be aware that a confirmation program leads to full membership in the United Church of Canada and that the confirmand becomes a full member of their local congregation.  This is an important step for a young person as they grow and mature into the adults they will become.  Confirmation programs are also an opportunity to explore what it means to be a Christian in the world, in the here and now, and to reflect on where faith and church community fits into one’s life. 

We will create a safe, affirming, supportive space for members and their mentors/parents.  The group will regularly review the goals and norms of the group throughout our time together.  We are looking for 5 mentors to journey with the young people in this important experience.  We are also looking for folks who might want to take on one or more of the teachings of the program.  Contact if you are interested.

The confirmands are required to complete tasks and learnings in the following areas:

  • Outreach

  • Biblical Knowledge

  • Familiarity with other faith traditions, especially Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism

  • Knowledge about the United Church of Canada and how it works

  • Engaging the world as a Christian

  • Stewardship

  • Living with Respect in Creation

  • Deciding on where they would like to participate in the congregation after confirmation

Please support and pray regularly for all our confirmands and offer them words of encouragement as they participate in this important rite of passage.

If you, or someone you know, would like to join our confirmation program, please call or e-mail or 416-694-4081, Ext 2.

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